What Our Clients Say About Ryan Sprague

Jan 22, 2022

Anytime I had questions and I called Fox Residential Services Group at the office, everyone was super helpful, patient and help me coordinate other inspections requested. Ryan Sprague also completed two other inspections for us and he was super friendly, very thorough and explained everything so well! Both Ryan and Jovon have made our experience with Fox Inspections Group a wonderful one and gave us peace of mind with the home we needed inspected. Thank you so much Jovon, Ryan and all of the staff at Fox Inspections Group! Highly recommend! Gladys Arvizu

I wanted to send a huge thanks to the team you sent to have the property inspected. Jovon and Ryan were awesome and I will be using Fox for sure in the future because of them. Jovon really impressed me with his thoroughness and ability to explain all aspects of what he found. Thanks again for amazing service and I look forward to working with you in the future. Brian Warwick

Marty (Home Inspector) and Ryan (WDI Inspector) were great. They were patient in explaining what they've observed and provided recommendations to us on what we can do to further protect our home. The reports were well written and thorough with photos for context. Do definitely want to give a specific shoutout to Marty as he was open for me to be with him throughout the inspection and answered all my questions for the whole 4 to 5 hour inspection time. He gave good un-bias observations and advices to enable me to decide what I should do next. I will definitely hire this group again for all Home Inspection needs. Very professional group that you can trust. Edward C

Amazing company to work with! Very thorough home inspection and John took the time to walk through everything with me and answer all my questions, as well as Ryan from TTT. Well worth the price and we even got free moving boxes from their office. I had a nice chat with Gordon as he loaded the boxes into my trunk and I totally did not expect him to do that for me. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking to do a home inspection. Anna L

Marty was on time, thorough, and took time to explain the details to me. I was very happy with his knowledge and expertise. In addition, Ryan did a thorough job on the termite inspection. I highly recommend Fox for your next home inspection. Keith Lasseigne

Inspector Dustin Dittrich and Ryan Sprague were very professional and thorough in the property inspection! They also took their time in explaining each and every detail during the inspection and made several recommendations! I will definitely hire them when I will need another property inspection! Highly recommend Fox Residential Service Group! Hector Herrera

Professional Prompt Good Quality Responsive Excellent Customer Service Thank You Ryan You are appreciated for your service. Sincerely Andrea and Victor Lozano

I used Ryan for my sewer scope inspection and he was incredibly thorough and professional. Would highly recommend him! Hanna Stegman

Ryan was great. Jade Devit

Marty and Ryan were the best! They were very thorough, professional, and took the time to explain each detail to us when we were buying a home. Highly recommend! Heather Soder

Fox was recommended for their superb service and did not fall short. General inspection: Jovon was amazing. He is concerned with safety, which was important to us and walked through each room and provided thorough explanations and recommendations. He is very fair and commented on good and bad observations. Great on communication. Highly recommend him! Realtor even commented that he was really good, and she's seen a ton of inspections! Termite: Byron was good as well, provided areas of erosion and solutions. Jesse who answers the main Fox line is fantastic. Very clear communication and responsive and will correct any issues you might have promptly. --Wasn't not present with Shawn ( HVAC) and Ryan (sewer scope) but did get into contact and they provided feedback and reports. Nancy N

Fox Inspections is the best. They are easy to schedule with, very professional, very thorough, and very easy people to get along with. I’ve been working with Jared Owen for years and he is amazing. I’ve also worked with Chris and Ryan for air quality and termite, and they have been wonderful. Thanks Fox! Amanda Joy Schroder

Ryan Sprague was So kind, and smiles. Love the smiles. Love the fact they had the booties on when they came into the house, or took the shoes off. Gordon Fox

Richard M and Ryan were great, they were prompt, professional yet personable. They were both very diligent and took lots of photos, over the process took a little over 2 hours for the initial inspection and around an hour for the termite inspector. During and after finishing their inspections they would alert us to things they noticed, they took time to explain things to us and offered to answer any questions we had. Chyann

We were referred to Fox by our realtor. Incredible experience. They were available the next day, which provided an incredible experience. Towel down as they entered, booties on, snacks and drinks provided to the buyers. Overall 12/10 service. Our inspectors were Marty & Ryan. I can not say enough good things. They were honest, thorough, and explained everything in fantastic detail. I would absolutely use them for any type of home purchase from now on. The appt was for 8:30 but they were there long before starting on the outside so they wouldn't take so long. It took around 4-5 hours for a 2000sqft home but it went by quickly as it was a totally pleasant experience. Burke Abercrombie

My inspector was Ryan Sprague. He was awesome! Holland Knapp

Richard Flores and Riccardo Blanchi and Ryan Sprague were all on time and very professional in performing their work and conveying information to me. The realtor and I received a thorough summary of the work performed I also received their reports timely. When I left I felt like my money had been well spent and that I have received a thorough inspection. Sincerely, Terry Knab

Excellent and thorough service, from the front end customer service to the meticulous home inspections done by Arash. We've had three home inspections done by Arash, each time incredibly helpful and insightful. Reports arrived in less than 24 hours! We also had a stucco inspection done by Jared, who was very thorough. Termite inspection done by Ryan was also excellent. Every time I call Fox I receive friendly and professional service, and they are great about offering loyalty discounts. Very grateful for Fox, as well as the super helpful Repair Pricer report which helped with repair estimates. Couldn't recommend these good folks more! Tala A

Ryan the termite guy was excellent. The money I spent was worth every bit of it. Also, the moving boxes makes it great!! Rhonda Ann Wright

As a FIRST time home buyer, the process has been a bit overwhelming. Fox Inspection Group was not my 1st choice, however, due to scheduling conflicts, I couldn't be happier that it worked out this way. From the time I walked into the home while the inspector was busy doing his thing to the time everything was completed, asking questions and locking up the property for me, I was in awe! My inspector, Jason Fielding, was superb. He was professional, clean, polite. He answered all my questions and concerns with honesty and understanding. At the same time that Jason was conducting his inspection, Ryan Sprague, with Texas Termite Terminators (through Fox Inspection Group), was conducting his inspection of the property. Ryan was also clean, very nice, polite, educated me and answered any questions I had. If I need another inspection for any reason, Fox Inspection Group has my business and should have yours. I wish I could give more than 5 stars! A++++++++++ Devyn Cost

Thanks Gordon, it's nice to work with y'all again. I met Alex and Ryan and both are very nice young men. You always have great people. Look forward to continuing doing business with you. Fox is my first choice. Even though I did not choose the inspector for this job because I am the listing agent, I was delighted that it was Fox. Barbara Chrisman

Ryan did a great job and provided expert level details. Ricky Matta

Great job Bill Hurley and Ryan Sprague. On time, professional and thorough. Valerie Rucker

Good Morning. We hired Fox to provide an inspection for our new home yesterday and I just wanted to pass along how great they were. Alex was our general inspector and Ryan provided the termite inspection. Both were extremely thorough and communicated very well. Just wanted to pass along how happy we were with the services and how impressed we were with both of them. I was not there for the air conditioning inspection, but our realtor spoke highly of them as well. Have a happy holiday. Best, Heather Schmidt

Bill Hurley, Rich and Ryan (Termite guy) were all very informative and efficient during our inspection. We were especially satisfied with the process of uploading many pics and going over them on a tablet on the spot. The report was well documented and clear. Tracy and Debbie McMillin

You all were able to get my inspection scheduled quickly. The inspectors (Riccardo Bianchi and Ryan Sprague) were courteous and professional. The inspections and reports were very thorough. We had a very positive experience...thanks! David Oliver

I would like to compliment Don, the HVAC Inspector (Shawn) and the Termite Inspector, Ryan, on their thoroughness. I've had many houses inspected, but this was more complete than I have ever had. Regards, Mark Hinton

Technician Ryan Sprague did a great job. He explained about the termite problem in the property, had pictures to help me more clearly understand, and I would like for Ryan to be the technician on my next home inspection. Thank you. Kate Keating

The inspector was very thorough and communicative, explaining things about carpenter bees I'd not previously known, as well as the dirt that builds up around a foundation and how that can make it conducive for termites. I learned a lot from him. Cathie Bach

It was great to have the 3 inspections coordinated by your group - termite, pool and house. Ryan did an excellent job of detailing the issues and thoroughly explaining everything. He was knowledgeable, patient and good at answering all sorts of questions. Thanks! Vivian R.

We hired Fox Inspections to do a home inspection on a home we were considering for purchase. I love the complete comprehensive package they delivered (AC, Termite & Home). Ryan Sprague did our termite inspection. He was so polite and thorough. He answered all my questions. His report included pictures and was easy to read. I highly recommend Fox Inspections and Texas Termite Terminators. Janean M.