What Our Clients Say About Grant Miller

Jan 21, 2022

Inspection was comprehensive. All my questions were answered. Grant Miller did a good job. Robert Ebner

Grant did a very thorough, professional, and prompt inspection and report on the property we are purchasing. Very pleased! Scott Purdy

The best and most detailed inspection ever!!! Grant was amazing! Highly recommend! Vicki Cortez

Our stucco inspection was very helpful and on time. Grant helped us understand a lot about the construction of the home and where our issues were likely coming from. I would highly recommend. Zachary Lathrop

Grant Miller completed a quality stucco inspection on my house. I was very satisfied with his inspection. He answered all my questions. Good job. Robert Ebner

Our inspector is Grant and he really did a amazing job for us. He not only answered all our questions patiently but also explained everything in plain English so we can understand fully! Would highly recommend to people that need inspection service, well done!!👏🏻 Huiting

This was the first time I had to use an inspection service. I thought they were great! Kept me informed throughout the process. Grant who did my inspection explained his findings to make I understood. Overall great experience! Kevin Stolarski

Grant was super knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. He was very polite and answered all of my questions big and small. He was very quick with his turnaround and went the extra mile finding areas to test in places that seemed unnoticeable. Very appreciative of his work! Alexis Gahn

Grant was very thorough and answered my clients' questions with great detail. Appreciate the attention to detail and care showed. Sofia Rallis

Super thorough and very easy to work with. Grant was overly helpful in explaining what he saw, and what he meant by the notes he took. He even called back and followed up with us afterwards when we had a question about something. Highly recommend FOX and Grant specifically. Well worth it. Michael Grimm

Fox Inspection made the process easy and fun/exciting! Grant did a great job noting the smallest details I wouldn't have even thought, such as a door sliding across the frame. This was my first home inspection and Grant was nice enough to walk me through the entire property to detail each potential issue AND point out every thing I may need to know or check on as a homeowner. He was also extremely inviting of my presence during the inspection and answered every question I had. Overall, great experience! Nasim Dinari

Grant was parked in the cul-de-sac completing paperwork in his truck well before our scheduled inspection time when I got there at 8:45, so at 9 AM he was ready to go. As soon as he came inside, we introduced ourselves, he asked if we had any questions before he got started, then he immediately got to work. He was very respectful of the home by placing a towel on the floor for his shoes. He was extremely thorough in the inspection. He answered any question I had with patience (and I had many!) and said he was glad to answer anything while he was there and it was fresh in his mind, but also offered to let me call him anytime and go through the report line-by-line if I needed to. Within a few hours he was done, and he gave me an overview of any issues he found. The following report was incredibly detailed and indicated which issues were more serious than others which is a big help as a first-time homeowner. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Grant and Fox Residential Services Group and the cost for a home, pool, and termite inspection seemed very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone needing a home inspection! Joe P

Easy to schedule, website was very informative, easy to pay, technician (Grant) was excellent, knowledgeable & professional. Great job! Christopher Belcher

We worked with Grant Miller on our home inspection and had a wonderful experience. He was knowledgeable, answered all our questions, and provided a detailed report in a timely fashion. I highly recommend using this inspector! Joshua Eubanks

I wanted to let you know that Grant is a great inspector. He is professional, thorough and non-alarmist! Amanda Anhorn

Great company to work with and the turn around response is quick! I spoke with Valerie and she made me feel confident in choosing Fox inspections. Their communication is on point and their inspection process is smooth. We had Grant as our home inspector and he is meticulously detailed. We also loved getting the videos in our report. Gabrielle R

Grant was professional and detail oriented. Exactly what you want in a home inspection. Would absolutely recommend. Phil

Our inspector was very professional and went out of his way to really explain all the items he found on his inspection. I really appreciate the time Grant took to make me understand how to interpret the inspection report. Michael LaRose

We are considering buying a house and had Fox come out and do the inspection. Grant was prompt, thorough and thoughtful. He explained the high level findings and had the report to us the next morning. Ward P

Grant showed up full of energy and started his work systematically and he was very informative every step of the way. The whole rest of staff that completed the work were professionals and love what they do. Ihsan Zaghmouth

We just wanted to give a special shout out for Grant. He does an excellent job for you that even my very picky architect appreciated. He goes beyond just doing his job requirements. We felt like he is very knowledgeable and put extra care into his work. He made himself available to answer questions and concerns beyond what might be expected. Please convey our comments to the owners. He's a keeper. Carol Lapin

Great company to work with and the turnaround response is quick! I spoke with Valerie, and she made me feel confident in choosing Fox inspections. Their communication is on point and their inspection process is smooth. We had Grant as our home inspector, and he is meticulously detailed. We also loved getting the videos in our report. Gabrielle R

Grant was just wonderful at the inspection, knowledgeable, familiar with other inspections in the high rise, conscientious, and very helpful! Letty Allen, Realtor Greenwood King

Very thorough inspection review and incredible service by Grant Miller. David Menzie

Grant came out to do an inspection for us on Christmas Eve, in freezing temps! He was kind, gave us a heads up the night before and when he showed up to begin. We had the inspection quickly, he was very professional! Will use again. Ryan Harvey

This was a last minute inspection needed. Scheduled for one day & last minute had to change the day unexpectedly. Answered ALL questions right way. Grant, the inspector, was AWESOME! He is truly an expert in his field. I was present for the inspection and therefore he was able to show me and explain. Thank you to the Fox team, I will definitely refer your services! Tanya W

Fantastic service and attention to detail as always thank you Fox Inspection and Grant Miller. Neil Silverman

I always know I can count on Fox for a thorough inspection. Grant went above and beyond. He was innovative and came up with great solutions on access to an inaccessible crawl space. So pleased. Worth the extra for the detail and peace of mind. Maureen McNamara

Thanks for the great service. I have left a review on Yelp. Keep up the good work. Kudos to you for hiring excellent employees such as Mr. Grant Miller. He's hard working, knowledgeable, and very professional. My client could not say enough good things about him. Anyway, I will refer all future clients to your company. Ken Lee

Grant, performed both inspections and gave a thorough and comprehensive analysis. Reassured me on my decision to through with the purchase. I highly recommend Grant. Jin Chung

I recently referred my buyer client to Fox Inspection Group since he had entered the option period to purchase a residential property. They accommodated my client's request to perform the inspection on the next business day. The inspector (Mr. Grant Miller) was very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. He patiently answered all of my client's questions onsite and went over the major issues with them and showed him and explained everything in detail. He inspected the property thoroughly and sent the inspection report less than 24 hours after inspection. You cannot ask for anything more from an inspection company. If you have inspection needs, I highly recommend going with this company. Ken L

Grant and the other professionals really did a good and thorough job inspecting the townhome, and I appreciate their brief explanations of the highlights too! Would highly recommend them for anyone needing good inspections in the future! Thank y'all again and have a great day! Karl Brown

Used them for an inspection on a property, they were on time, very thorough, Grant took the time to explain everything they found and answer all our questions. Shalom Tauber

Grant was great. Jim Chen

Excellent experience from start to completion. Inspector (Grant) arrived a little early despite bad weather. Was very professional, careful, detailed, friendly, and responsive to questions. Received thorough inspection report same day. Would highly recommend. Mark H

Grant was thorough, knowledgeable and good at communicating his findings to us. His inspection gave us new criteria and information we needed in making key decisions on how to proceed to the next step in our home buying endeavor. I would highly recommend Fox Inspection Group based on the services we received. Kathryn Urbanek

Grant, and Fox in general, is meticulous and careful. He searches for faults and inconsistencies an untrained would not think to look, and so helps a buyer make intelligent choices. George F Hawkins

Grant did an outstanding job with this inspection. As I was out of town at the time Grant completed the inspection and then FaceTimed to walk through the findings. I would recommend him hands down. The cost for fox services are a bit pricy but they do a thorough job. Also Grant turned around the report on the same day after doing an afternoon appointment. I do like to provide constructive critique however I write this knowing I needed the report by end of so so it’s a limitation for this ask. It would be great to get thermal imaging scans as samples where it was taken rather than just saying no anomalies were found after it was done. All in all I am a very please customer! Will recommend fox and will recommend Grant as your inspector of choice. Kishen Maharaj

Very knowledgeable guy named Grant helped me out. Will use these guys going forward. He found numerous things that another inspector missed. Jason Payne

My wife and I have had the wonderful experience of working with FOX Inspection Group. The staff is excellent and Bill was phenomenal with his expert advice. Our inspectors were first Grant Miller, who was very thorough and the and the report was very informative and second Jared Owen was equally as effective. My congratulations to those who have trained them and we're certain the rest of the inspectors are fantastic and professional - providing peace of mind one home at a time! Anthony Pizzitola

Fox did an amazing job with the home inspection for a house on which we made an offer. Grant Miller was the inspector, and he did an unbelievably professional job, crawling into the pier-and-beam space, flying a drone to the roof, inspecting cabinets and HVAC units alike. Then, at the end, he clearly explained all of the relevant big picture and detail items, and wrote a comprehensive and easily understandable report. I highly recommend these folks! The Schaefers

Our home inspection went smoothly, Grant explained all concerns, shared images/videos and walked us through the home. Brianna Stiglets-Lum

I showed up early because I was in the neighborhood and the inspector Grant was welcoming, asked if I needed anything or wanted to see anything, and then continued his work before walking us through pictures, drone footage, and showing us first hand the minor problems associated with our buy! Travis Hill

This was a general resale inspection for my buyers in the Heights area. Grant was concise and informative in review of his findings. Thank you! Oscar Hernandez

Grant was a pro! He pointed out all deficiencies he located and explained at great length why they were deficient. He also shared photos and details of what it would take to fix these issues. Michael Moore

Fox completed 2 inspections for me this week. Both inspectors (Jared & Grant) were punctual, thorough and informative. The process for receiving the report was seamless and there was easy credit card bill pay online. Justin F

They are very hard and excellent workers. Grant did a great job at looking at the house and giving feedback on everything. He was very professional and quickly answered all the questions we had for him. Joshua Blakely

Grant Miller went through each picture with detail on for my inspection. He was polite and patient. 10/10 would recommend. Nysha Morgan

Grant was super thorough and at a great price. My buyers used fox for general inspection, hvac, and stucco intrusive in one transaction. Grant was super informative and left nothing unturned. Competitive pricing as well. Phillip Colvin

Just a general comment, Grant was awesome during the inspection and very helpful during the walkthrough. Pallikaras, Andreas I

Fox Inspection went above for me, even as being a repeat customer. Grant Miller was exceptional the entire time he was inspecting my new home. There were a number of things that Grant did for me to help me out with my new home. I wouldn't want anyone else doing my inspections. Justin Schnee

The market was very busy here, so I expected a delay in getting an inspector. Fox had someone out the very next day! Grant was the inspector: he was very professional. Grant spent all the time needed to perform a detailed inspection. After the inspection was complete Grant walked me through all the findings. This team is the only way to go! Bryan Simms

We just had our home inspection today by Grant and he did a fantastic, very thorough inspection. I was very impressed by his attention to detail and how thoroughly he explained the results. Susan Nelsen

I had Grant Miller as my inspector both times (in advance of buying my home and at one year in advance of my 1 year warranty expiring) and he honestly went above and beyond to explain what needed to be attended to - and what I - a first time buyer should be doing that many are not always aware of, until too late. I cannot recommend Fox and Grant enough! Rachel Tenenbaum

Fox Inspection went above for me, even as being a repeat customer. Grant Miller was exceptional the entire time he was inspecting my new home. There were a number of things that Grant did for me to help me out with my new home. I wouldn't want anyone else doing my inspections. Justin Schnee

Recently utilized Fox inspection to inspect a home we are looking to purchase in Spring Branch, the team of Grant Miller, John Mathew and Shawn McCleney came out and did a through and great job with their attention to detail and explanation at the end of the inspection. Being a first-time home buyer I found it valuable for them to sit down and discuss their findings. Would highly recommend Fox Inspection as well as the individuals that specifically came out to do my inspection. Jason C

While I called several times and often spoke to different people the support was consistently at a high level. Price was the highest, but staff had good response to support that as the training of the inspectors exceeds industry standards. This results in the greatest protection for me as a buyer. The quality/completeness of the inspection result proved to justify this cost. Continued and unquestioning commitment to service including after inspection clarifications has been very helpful. Our inspector (Grant) has been great. Grant Dedora

Grant Miller was very professional and thorough. Made the inspection easy and feel comfortable about his work. Maxwell Garrison

Grant did a great job on the inspection. He is a very good inspector and great presentation to the buyers. And the other inspector also did a great job. They went above and beyond when a cover plate broke off (not really their fault) and they went to purchase a new one to replace and even painted it like it was originally. Cathy Blum

Excellent! Grant seemed very thorough in his inspection and patient in answering our questions. Final report was very well written and clear. Brian Hicks

Incredibly thankful that I chose Fox Group for my first-time home buying inspection. Inspector Grant Miller was incredibly thorough and took his time to explain his findings and answer any questions we had. Our Realtor was equally impressed by Grant's knowledge and thoroughness. We will not hesitate to use Fox (and hopefully get Grant) once again for future inspections or refer to friends. Thanks! Adnan Bazmi

My clients were informed WITHOUT panic and learned a lot about the maintenance of their new home during the inspection. My clients hadn’t purchased a home in 20 years and Grant was very patient and thorough with his answers. Shandale Eaglin

Our lead technician was Grant Miller. He and his assistants were very courteous, professional and proactive. They provided clear assessments and answered our questions. After the inspection, we felt that the items in the report were well explained. Colin Hamilton

Grant was fantastic and I hope to continue to feel as if this is the best inspection group for my clients. Thank you. Kirsten Seglem

Grant Miller was very professional and the report we received was great (although a lot of work to be done!). We appreciate the attention to detail and the recommendations that were made. Thank you again and we will be happy to refer your company to anyone looking for an inspection in the future. ~Emily Hobbs

Grant did an excellent job, we'll be requesting him specifically to do a follow-up inspection after the seller completes repairs. David Leppo

Excellent service. Grant was thorough and available for my buyers when they needed better clarification. We did follow up on his concerns and appreciate his professionalism. J Wilson

Professional and very knowledgeable Mr. Miller. Laura Cividino

Terrific inspections! Grant took the time to explain to my first time buyer, what he was finding, and how to maintain his new home. The report was delivered the next day, really a great experience! Betsy Vanderbrouk

Our inspector Grant was punctual, professional, and courteous. He did a good job and explained his assessment as questions were asked. We would definitely use Fox inspections again and would refer to our friends and colleagues. Staci Botter

I've used them {Fox} twice now, and would highly recommend them. Grant, one of their inspectors, is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Kelly Corken

Grant Miller was great and very diligent in his work. Spent a good amount of time showing me the items from the inspection. Ryan Epps

Fox inspection was great to work with. They scheduled my inspection quickly and even allowed me to re-schedule with little warning due to problems that arose in my contract. Grant Miller was very professional and courteous and has continued to answer my questions about items in the inspection. John Valentino

Grant Miller was very thorough and professional during our inspection. He tolerated all of our first-time home buyer questions! Timothy Krysiek

Grant Miller was scheduled to inspect a property for me at 9:00 AM on April 14. I arrived at 10 minutes till and he had already been there for almost an hour inspecting the outside of the property. Throughout the entire inspection he allowed me to ask as many questions as possible and I felt as if he was very knowledgeable and thorough. I would recommend Grant for future inspections. Trey Domann

Grant did a great job with our inspection! He is very thorough and knowledgeable. Overall a great experience with Fox! Sarah Applegate

Great inspection. Very thorough and informative. It was nice to get it completed quickly to include the report. Grant was very helpful and conscientious. Todd Burns

Grant Miller was my inspector. When they told me he was licensed and considered a Master inspector, I was expecting someone a little more seasoned - the kid had to only be in his twenties, but he had 3 years experience and clearly knew how to do the job conscientiously and thoroughly. Grant methodically worked his way through the house ~2000 sf house in about 2.25 hours. He was also familiar and comfortable with the technology he had to use. Grant was thorough and inviting in sharing the details of his job and what he was checking for. I feel much better armed with information after going through this inspection. Tamir Arbel

Fox has continually performed well for me and is my go-to service for home

inspections. Grant has done my last 2 inspections. He is thorough and a great communicator. He alerts the buyer to concerns that need attention, yet he is not an

alarmist. Sharon Seligman, Greenwood King Properties

Loved having 2 inspectors - so much quicker! Steve R and Grant M were super!! Diane Beigel

Steve and Grant did an exceptional job as usual. Love the way they go over the report with the buyers in a non-alarmist manner. Bill Phillips

Steve Reid and Grant M did a fantastic job! Thanks. Toyin Longe

Steve R and Grant M were very professional. We appreciated them being on time. We would definitely request them again should we need a home inspection. Heide Shanda

Steve and Grant were very nice. I most liked that their report was extremely detailed and they flagged even the smallest things that weren't up to code, which really helped me as a buyer. They also walked around and pointed out particular things with me during the walk through. Very good and very professional. Hays Mabry