What Our Clients Say About Byron Frost

Feb 01, 2022

Very happy with the thorough job that our inspectors did on our older house in the Heights. Lots of attention to issues, thorough evaluation of problems, and good communication of what were the most major concerns to address immediately. Jovon was pleasant, professional, and shared his findings with us while we waited. Byron was a crawl-space pro for the pier and beam construction and highlighted issues under the house. Would highly recommend. Peter Kaufman

Jovon Martin and Byron were detailed, incredibly polite and provided valuable insights for my client. They demonstrated professionalism and courtesy throughout the inspection, and their willingness to thoroughly assess even hard-to-reach areas like the pier and beam foundation of a historic home was commendable. Their timeliness in delivering the report further underscored their commitment to excellent service. I would highly recommend them for any home inspection needs. Jennifer H

Byron was responsive- answered all my questions. Did a good job spreading insect treatments. Thanks, Bob Ebner

Just had an inspection for Termites done 06/03/23 by Byron. He was super Professional and provided me with so much information on top causes of Termites, he did a great job. Ruben

Fox was recommended for their superb service and did not fall short. General inspection: Jovon was amazing. He is concerned with safety, which was important to us and walked through each room and provided thorough explanations and recommendations. He is very fair and commented on good and bad observations. Great on communication. Highly recommend him! Realtor even commented that he was really good, and she's seen a ton of inspections! Termite: Byron was good as well, provided areas of erosion and solutions. Jesse who answers the main Fox line is fantastic. Very clear communication and responsive and will correct any issues you might have promptly. --Wasn't not present with Shawn ( HVAC) and Ryan (sewer scope) but did get into contact and they provided feedback and reports. Nancy N

When we decided to purchase our first home, we knew that we wanted to trust Fox to do our third-party inspection report. Jovon Martin met us at the conclusion of the inspection and did a through job walking us through any deficiency we saw or any question we had. He also took pictures of the model numbers of all the appliances, A/C condenser and water heater - so we can easily reference our report in the future. We also hired Fox to do a termite assessment and appreciated Byron Frost for walking us through his findings. We are purchasing a historic home in the Heights, and he helped us understand that, not only do we thankfully not have termite damage, but how the home was recently renovated to limit future termite intrusion. By the end of our walkthrough, we felt thoroughly educated about our future home. We are grateful for the peace of mind - thank you, Fox! Cheryl J

Fox did a phenomenal job with our inspections. We did the general, termite, and mold inspection with Fox and it cost about $1500 total. They identified a ton of issues which had not been disclosed by the seller and we ended up backing out of the transaction, and we will definitely use Fox again moving forward. Very thorough. Chris did our general, John did our mold, Byron did our termite. Kennedy Price

First time homebuyer here and so grateful for friends who recommended Fox Inspection Group as they did a wonderful job on our home and Texas Termite Terminators inspections! Scheduling an inspection quickly (a must as competitive as the market has been these days) was a breeze and their desk staff were very friendly and helpful in addressing any questions I had prior to the appointment. Our inspector, Cory Simpson, reached out ahead of the scheduled inspection time and came with cold drinks and snacks while the appointment was underway which was a really nice touch. For the many questions I had being so new to the home buying process, Cory provided all the information needed to empower me to take the next steps to make this home the very best it can be. Byron, our Texas Termite Terminators inspector, took extra time to do a step-by-step walk through of the property with me during some pretty cruddy weather, detailing all of the things they are on the lookout for during an inspection. The termite and home inspection reports were extremely comprehensive and thorough, clearly identifying any potential actionable issues that could be easily conveyed to contractors for additional work moving forward. For what is sure to be the biggest purchase of our lives for many of us, I cannot recommend Fox Inspection Group more highly. Thanks FIG and FIG staff!! Claire Iseton