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Jan 20, 2022


"Service Professionals Who Put Themselves

Into The Homebuyers' Shoes..."

Congratulations, you're almost there! It took you a while to find the exact home you wanted, but you did it and you can feel the adrenaline flowing through your body.
This is probably one of the biggest investments that you'll ever make. You're probably very excited, and you should be.
It takes a lot out of you and you become drained very quickly. It's likely that the only thing you're looking forward to is getting into your new home and getting on with your life.
You're getting to the point where you just want it to be over. And this is when you need to stop and ask yourself this question...

Are you absolutely sure the house that you're buying is safe, sound and secure for you and your family?
You walked through the home and checked out the bedrooms, the kitchen the bathrooms... You may have even gone into the the attic... But without a trained eye you may not have seen the issues that could face you after you move in...
It's a fact that homes have issues, even brand-new homes. We've inspected brand spanking new homes that have had major issues. These issues would have cost the home buyer thousands of dollars.
So, the question isn't "Does Your New Home Have Issues?" - It Does! The question is, are the issues minor or major?

Do You Know What Issues Your New Home Has?
Home sellers try to pretty up the home the best they can. They may not even know if there is a major issue or not. But once you go to closing, any issues - major or minor - are now your problem and responsibility to get fixed.
And that's where it can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars that you weren't expecting!

You Deserve To Know The Issues
As the buyer of the home you deserve to know what issues the home has before you go to closing.
A thorough and professional home inspection can provide you with the information you need to be an informed buyer.
By getting a home inspection done before you buy the home, you now have leverage to go back to the seller and have them fix the problems or negotiate the price of a home, if necessary.
Without getting the home inspection done you have absolutely no leverage of getting anything fixed or negotiating the price the home once you close and move in to the house.
If the issues that your home inspection uncovers are minor you'll at least be aware of what should be done after you move in. And no matter what is discovered, you'll have the peace of mind that only comes from knowing and being an informed buyer.
But now that you know why you should get a home inspection, how do you choose a home inspector in Houston?

Choosing A Home Inspector
You've made what may be the biggest investment of your lifetime...
Choose the right inspector to look out for your investment.
You want to work with an inspection company that understands your needs. You want a company that places your needs first.
As a home buyer you want a home inspector who will be thorough and perform a detailed inspection of your new home. But you also want to be treated professionally and with respect. The home inspector should be able to explain their findings to you in a way you can understand, without talking down to you.
At Fox Inspection Group, the success of this company is due mainly to following a simple philosophy about real estate:

We put ourselves in the home buyers’ shoes and treat them like family.
Because we adhere to this policy at all times, the majority of our clients are past clients, their family members, close friends, or associates of theirs. Many of our clients are Realtors, their family, or close friends.
The homeowner is looking out for their best interests. The real estate agent is looking out for their best interests. The mortgage company or bank is looking out for their best interests.
You need someone that's on your side... that puts themselves into your shoes and looks out for your best interests.
Fox Inspection Group will thoroughly check all major components of the home and expose any unknown defects. You'll be advised about future maintenance for your home.
The inspection report that you'll receive will help you to make an informed decision about the home. Plus you'll be getting digital pictures of any issues.
You're welcome to come along with us as we inspect the home. In fact, we encourage you to attend! This way we can answer all your questions and give you tips about the maintenance of the home.
Having the home inspected is not a pass or fail test. It's a complete evaluation of the home so you can make the a sound decision that you need to make about buying the home.
Our mission here at Fox Inspection Group is:

  Providing Peace Of Mind,
   One Home At A Time,
   Since 1989!
 So what should do you do next?
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